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GPS tracking device

Feature packed GPS Tracking device, that helps families provide better security to their loved ones, always knowing where they are. The Device also has features to make emergency calls and send SOS alerts, ensuring complete safety and assurity of protection.


Cell Study Device

Personalized Cancer Treatment Therapy increasing cancer treatment efficacy and reducing the overall cost & time and success of cancer treatment. Through indigenously designed and patented cell study device, scientists can provide more accurate and faster cancer study reports, prescribing better treatment for patients.


Water flow controller

A Low Cost Smart Water Flow controller to help farmers timely irrigate & fertigate their crops, ensuring maximum yield and minimizing losses for their farms. An easy to install device, enables farmers to quickly add the device to their existing irrigation system and remotely manage their farm irrigation .


Abhay Parimiti

Your Complete Health Report with a touch of your finger. A smart, portable device to measure all critical health parameters from SPO2, Heart Rate, BP, etc within seconds. Used by Corporates, Hospitality, Government, Hospitals and Clinics, an effective and easy to use device to promote health for the mass.

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