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Our Vision

Your Partner for Product innovation

Our vision is to be a counselor and enabler for organizations/ start-ups, to make their most revered and nurtured idea a reality, by mentoring and providing them assistance, right from the ideation stage to the rewarding stage.

Our Mission

Providing Expert Succour

To pool like minded people that will bring in their expertise and know-how to help out an organization / startup bring their dream to life.

Mentors we closely work with

Sanjay Jain
IIT Mumbai


Mustafa L
Amazon Labs

& IoT

Ankit Sachan
IIT Kanpur

ai / ml

Mili Kataria
Pandora Box


Mustafa B
IIT Mumbai


Moiz Saifee
IIT Kharagpur


Pooja Bhatia
IIT Delhi


Dr. Neha Arya
AIIMS Bhopal

med tech

Himanshu Garg
IIT Delhi

growth Strategist

Founding Team

Seasoned serial enterpreneur with 30+ year of global experience
Taha Malik

The Network Guy

Dhruv Shah

The Whole some Techie

Priyan Shah

The Innovator

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